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#191399 - In the meantime her dog was sat there staring at me I couldn't concentrate I said to her can't you put him in a different room When she turned round to me and says he's joining in shortly to my absolute surprise. After she cleaned yourself up and I was quite flushed in the face we went back inside she made excuses and left I made my excuses and left half an hour later getting in the taxi within 10 minutes I was of knocking on her door ! I heard a rather large dog barking to see my surprise it was a Rottweiler when she opened the door she commanded him to sit the dog was still sat by the door she called him over he came up to me and sat staring at me she said to me pat he won't bite you ! Gemma then got up and said to me do you want to drink I said yes she went to the fridge and got me a beer she came back and sat next to me as we was chatting her hand to move towards my trousers she then unzipped me then started sucking my cock witch was rock hard at the time

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