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#401747 - My eyes lit up as she gave me a guy’s number, who owned the frame. but also full lust, as she saw I was ok, another cock sank deep inside me and soon flooded me with hot cum, I knew nothing of who was doing what as again guys took my body, then again just after taking another hot load, I felt a hand playing with my cum soaked butt, as Sue began to fist me, I would have said no, but by now I didn’t care, my mind was in over drive, every thing I felt came from my arse, then in she went, full on, past her wrist, she again took great fun in knowing I couldn’t back away, pushing in further, working my butt like she does , so my anal cum’s go wild, she had fisted me a few days before, and now and then she can get just about right up to her elbow in me, well because I was still loose from the previous fisting, she pushed hard, and did manage to fist me a fair way in, I heard her gasp, as my butt went wild, some of the guys also were talking, saying no way, cant be possible, and so on, m

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