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#49046 - Partly, that was the result of the milk which no doubt filled it, but it was also constricted by the adjustable opening in the suit which had been tightened around its base all of which had combined to give it a light purple colour and a bulbous onion-like shape. These had been developed by Sam in collaboration with some of his contacts within the wider Group and were an adaptation of an encasement fetish costume. Instead, each dog’s emissions were stored and used in various ways as yet another means of disciplining and dehumanising the dog-slaves in their care.

Read Blackmail Palladium Garden Ch. 1-5 Women Fucking Palladium Garden Ch. 1-5

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Marta lualdi
Does she have a page herself
Mihoshi kuramitsu
The house looks cheap as hell too lol i had to fast forward just for the laughs