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#171689 - Well I've been planning a rape for a long time, I want to make you feel totally degraded and humiliated the whole time, the more you are crying to the camera and acting scared the more likely I won't hurt you you got it? She nods looking like she is going to cry, I dont care anymore, you raping me is just one more horrible unfair thing in my life, im used to it by now He tells her to move her face so that she is facing the camera and I tell her that if she tells any stories about some time in her life where she got hurt degraded or raped that would be great and she can always give me ideas to make her cry more. I want you to understand that you will be ok as long as you don't yell and scream, I know you can hear me and I know that the ketamine is wearing off you. Are you gonna quiet down or can I shatter your jaw goof? Throwing a hook against her jawline and leaning back for another before her voice pops out, ill shut up ill do anything please please pl

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