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#336811 - The cheerleaders, the snobs, the popular kids, the ever present nerds and a few Goths, Joe grins at her “So where do you fit it?” She glances at him and laugh half out of breath “The popular kids…but lately I found myself…with the nerds” Joe chuckles “That must mean that the nerd group suddenly became very popular” Maryse grimace “How the hell…can you still sound like…you haven’t been jogging?” “Just regulate your breathing Reese, force yourself to breathe deeply” Maryse chuckles “Oh yes easy for you to say, you don’t have these puppies bouncing around” Joe laughs and slows down until they are walking “Just catch your breath, we still got some time left” Maryse just keeps walking as she tries to regulate her breathing, after a few minutes she nods and they set off again “So why would you think the nerd group is suddenly more popular Joe?” Joe glances over at her “Well the prettiest girl in school is in their ranks” Maryse scoffs “Cl

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