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#23923 - How do you think he'll like this one, Jenna asked while leaning over and giving her big tits a little shake while settling them gently into her low cut bra!?! Good grief, Jen, Holly replied, do you wanna just turn him on or give him a heart attack!?! Jenna looked at her reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the back of her bedroom door and replied with a giggle, I haven't decided yet, can't you just picture the headlines in the paper, Man Dies From Too Much Tit, now that would sell some papers!!! The two eighteen year olds roared with laughter at the prospect of Jenna' s boyfriend actually passing out at the mere sight of seeing her 36DD's filling the low cut pink bra, but Holly was thinking to herself that it was more than just possibility!!! Toss me the while one, Jenna asked while slipping out of the pink one, do you think I'm getting fat, my butt seems a little bigger than ususal!?! Oh, please, Holly quickly shot back, you&

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