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#358625 - After Vera got up Toni got on and in no time she was coming also then Vera sat down on the floor and started to lick Toni’s pussy hard and fast trying to stick her fingers in with my cock as I continued to fuck Toni soon Toni was coming again this time I lost it to and I was moaning so loud when I came after we all had a good laugh about it . What a night!! Vera became a regular on a almost week;y basis after this . Her name was Vera we have known her since I met Toni had been friends with her for a long time she was very horny by the stories they exchanged and the way she always flirted with men when she was around she was known as fresh always hitting on the men regardless if he was attached to one of her friend or not so Toni thought it would be good to try to test her see how far she would go.

Read Tattoo Lady's and Lady's #2 - Touhou project Teen Porn Lady's and Lady's #2

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Sophie hatter
I like this girl
Shion yorigami
Que rica polla exquisita lastima que ella no sabe chuparla