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#157510 - I made sure we ate a small meal, knowing once tonight got going that would be it, by 5 pm we were all ready, Jan said her ass was still leaking cum from last night, but otherwise, ready to go, we told her it would be busier and louder tonight with possible 50 guys booked to turn up. I knew this had to be hurting Jan but there was nothing we could do now until he cum, her eyes were shut, gallons of fluid squirted out of her as she had orgasm after orgasm, so at least she was now kind off enjoying his cock, then with the loudest snort yet he let fly, Jan moved up the bench as his cock jerked so wildly inside her bowels, unlike the other horses he held firm, his cock not coming out of Jan just kept filling her with his cum. His orgasm seemed to go for ever, but it was most likely only 15 seconds, then he pulled back, his massive flared cock was covered in his cum, then Jan’s body fell limp, I held the glass to her ass, as she lay exhausted from his fucking, the guys cheering he

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