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#201673 - ” He nodded once and flashed her one last small smile, his lips full and plump, his eyes hazel and gorgeous, this natural femininity catching her eye, making her want for him to just stay with her so she could admire him like the eye candy he was to her, but he turned and walked to the back of the quiet shop, locating the small toilets and letting himself in. Neither of them had quite believed it when, after she was finished pounding his ass into oblivion he had asked her out for coffee, their mutual disbelief being compounded when, again, to both of their surprises, she had agreed. “What the fuck is it going to take to get you to shut up you dick teasing fuck?” He stared at her, eyes wide with fear, but she had answered her own question, her grin spreading, becoming predatory as she settled on her target.

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