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#107867 - i hobbled up the steps to my door trying to keep the cum in soon as i got in the house i yelled high to my mum and went straight towards the kitchen to grab a wine glass without mum looking and bolt into the toilet and lock the door i took my panties of lick a bandaid there was a but of cum in my panties along with specs of shit i imadiately licked up all that was there and squatted over the toilet holding the wine glass under my ass i pushed my ass really hard and my ass made a farting noise and began to shoot out all the cum that Kev let inside me into the wine glass my ass making a popping sound as i empited my bowls into the glass but along with the cum still a bit of liquid shit came out with it making it look like a choclate milkshake, i put a finger in my ass to make sure everything was out. I didint know what he was gonna do next until he inserted another finger but this finger went really deep he bagan to finger fuck me really hard it hurt and felt good at the sam

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