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#247976 - I was a happily married man, me and Tina got married when she got pregnant at the age of sixteen, we got a two bedroom house and would have lived happy ever after if her younger sister Tracey had not been such a prick teaser, her flirting had me hard and wanting her for a few years but nothing happened till my fifth wedding anniversary when Tina got pissed up on black Russians and me and Tracey had to take her home and put her to bed, after we had settled Tina me and Tracey sat on the sofa with a couple of brandies chatting, Tracey is a bit gothic looking with her bright pink hair slim figure with a decent pair of boobs and an arse that just begs to be bitten and spanked. Then Tracey said she did not realise I was so big and that Tina must be very happy in the bedroom, all the time she was holding me through my trousers and with out saying anything else Tracey undid my pants and extracted my hard cock, she slowly stroked it for a few seconds before lowering her mouth onto the head of

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Machi amayadori
Yes fr but there should be an uncensored version if you get the name