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#312253 - right at the back near where the man operated the movies, this night there was not many at the movies and I sitting on my own, when the lights went out a man about 20 odd sat next to me, I thought it strange as there was a lot of vacant seats as he came up and sat beside me. He said “ now you do it” so I did what he showed me, it was feeling so good, then I had another thrill, it was wonderful. Then he rolled me onto my belly, at the same time he spread my legs apart and poured some baby-oil between the cheeks of my bum rubbing it into my bum hole, then he started to work his finger in and out my bum hole, “ Ernie I know you are a virgin, that is a boy that has never been Fucked, and I want to Fuck you, it will hurt a bit but after a bit you will enjoy it, will you let me”.

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Reina vance
Thank you for that delightful euphemism
Ichiro ogami
Another good one
Just use at launcher if you want to do it the harder way though you have to install forge and then drag all the mod zip files that you downloaded into the mods folder and hope it doesnt crash your game