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#221873 - THIS STORY IS PURE FICTION AND IS NOT INTENDED TO AFFEND ANY ONE PERSON IT DOES HAVE STRONG SEXUAL CONTENTS SO PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASY AFFENDED. The next day Tom and I sorted some holiday photos and we needed one photo of us to put on our profile, I made Tom put on his suit and I dressed in a nice black dress not too reveling although it did show off my long sexy legs, We took about six photos some to sexy to publish the rules did say no nude and no underwear shots this is a discreet club and not a site for voyeurs shame I looked so good in my underwear, We downloaded about six photos of us as a couple and then individually ones to put ourselves in the showcase we then decided to make contact with James and bee who were the couple we were interested in, As you contact a couple you are allowing them to view your more detailed profile and the photos you have uploaded and it would work the other way should you receive contact from other members it wasn’t long befor

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Nagisa hazuki
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