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#202763 - After I clean up I go over to the girls I tell Kaley to kneel and give her a toy to practice on as I call Rosa, Lisa over to the bar I have them both lean over it and I ask them of they know why they are going to be punished and they both say yes Rosa is crying and I grab her by the hair and tell her that its too late to cry now I grab a puddle. I look over at Julia and she has added nipple clamps to the girl I show her how to tighten them I tell her to show me how she eats pussy she gets between the girls legs and spread her open and she begins attacking her clit I pick up my cat and tell the girl that she can’t cum yet Julia knows how to eat pussy she is sucking and licking at her clit I get up on the table and put my pussy over her mouth and tell her to stick her tongue out as I grind my pussy in her face as I hit her stomach with the cat she is not bad I am so horny and Julia seem to be enjoying herself as well I look at the other girls they are staring at us and I know I will be

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