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#143258 - What really made Mark's dick hard, however, was when she would take off her panties! Miss Logan had big hips with a bigger ass, but what was really something was her huge hairy pussy! It was impossible to see her lips very plainly due to the jungle of dark brown pubic hair that ran from hip to hip, but Mark always timed his load so that it blew just when she would rub her fingers through the dense forest of fur between her legs! Watching her big tits sway back and forth, coupled with that hairy snatch, was always too much for Mark's poor prick to take! If she ever would have looked, she would have found the side of her house covered with Mark's dried cum! The chances of getting caught looking in Logan's window weren't very good, it was dark out and there was good cover, but the next place Mark looked for women was a whole different story. Like clockwork at about 11:15 PM she would come into the bedroom and undress for bed. Older but no wiser, Mark still

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Grace oconnor
Next time in a real classroom we need more public vids
Jun tao
That make me laugh so hard