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#389998 - The next morning after a late breakfast we walked around the hotel area then headed to the hamam (Turkish bath) this is always my favorite part of the vacation, we went in, paid the small fee, and headed to the changing rooms, I stripped down to my bikini picked up the towels and headed to the steam bath, my husband and I sat alone in the bath till someone came and got us and took us to the washing room, my husband went first, then me, I laid down on the warm tile platform, and the young man started to wash me with olive oil soap and a big sponge, when they came and got my hubby for his massage, he left the room, I closed my eyes to enjoy the treatment, after washing my neck and shoulders he moved to my back, he then gave a small tug on my top and asked if he could open it, saying it was better to wash my back, I told him yes, with one easy move, “pop” it was open, he washed my back working his way down, to my butt, without asking he rolled the top part of my bikini bottoms down and pu

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