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#365168 - While I waited for Spike to rest and get ready for our next fuck I started to pull my nipples, just thinking of Spike up my ass got me all horny I tried to slip a finger into my ass but I was to dry I needed something to lubricate my finger I got up and went to the fridge I took out some butter and warmed it by the fire and rubbed it all over my fingers then I used the butter to lube my ass it felt so good that I wanted to push the bloke of butter up my ass as well, but I could see that Spike was licking his own cock and as the nob pocked out I new he was ready to mount me again I laid back down on the couch, to get myself ready for this new experience I slipped my butter covered finger into my ass it slipped in like a rat up a drain pipe, as I fingered my hole Spike came over and started to lick me I could see his nob so I reached down a with my buttery fingers and moved my hips to guild Spikes cock into my ass, I was so desperate for him to fuck me hard he found my ass hole on the fi

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