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#379025 - He only wished he’d have asked Bernard to come into the room and watch his daughter being fucked, still that might have made him fuck her even harder. “I’ve made a fool of myself, I’m sure you can remember Ronnie Stokes, I think you know his daughter?” “Yes I do, but what are you driving at, come to the point Dad!” “Well Ronnie caught me in bed with her, and now she is saying it was rape?” “Was it?” “Of course not, I’ve bedded her many times!” “So what’s the problem then?” “Well the truth of it is that unless I can get you to let him bed you, he’s going to press charges!” Gypsy was stuck for words at his request to let him have his way with her was unspeakable; Ronnie Stokes was an appalling man, fat, ugly and dirty. Again she needed the bathroom, this time she’d hardly manage to get to the shower before it started bubbling out of her.

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