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#187116 - We set the orgy up for mid week next week, telling Jan it was going to be at a mates house, and as far as Dave knew it was a Tupper ware party, that would keep him away, her nervous smile told us she was keen but also a bit scared, we also told her to come over to our place early, so she could do her internal clean here and not at her home, so Dave wouldn’t know. Jeff held still as inch by inch I joined him inside her ass, she did well, as we both moved further in with each stroke, then my balls hit home, we both filled her ass to the max, Jan now bucking hard as we fucked her. This was her first time with two cocks in her ass, but she took us and her orgasm told us she was enjoying it too, we got up a good pace, fucking her hard and fast for 10 minutes or more, all too soon Jeff and myself felt our balls tighten and with seconds she took two loads of hot cum, this sent Jan into one huge orgasm, her body shook and juices flowed like a water fall, as we all fell limp, her mouth sti

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Ryuunosuke tanaka
Who is sheeeee name
Yuu nishinoya
Jennifer toth
Perrine h. clostermann
Mine would hurt her check me out