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#115289 - Tina sat up and wasn’t happy l had part spunked in her womb stating how she had told me not to cum in her, l assured her it will be alright, we dressed and went down for breakfast. It was about 10pm when Annie told Sasha she should be in bed as she had school in the morning before Sasha left she mentioned that she wouldn’t be going to the cinema the coming Friday to see Rocky III as her friend had let her down, l said l would go with her as l enjoyed the other Rocky’s then l asked Annie if that was alright, Annie joked as long as l didn’t take Sasha to the night club after, Sasha told her mother not to be so embarrassing then left to go home. My eldest sister Tina and her husband Rick were renovating their new home and asked if l would help out due to being laid-off a couple of weeks earlier, so l packed a bag and caught the train to Hythe, Rick picked me up at the station and sis made a nice meal for us all.

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