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#29316 - Over the next week we saw lots of Sam and even met him for coffee several times Kim was so relaxed around him we even spoke about him while in bed and I noticed she was a little randy after mentioning his name , so I used Sams name while I stroked her back and found she responded very well to the point that sex was the best its been for years Sam was always to be found around about the ship and he would spend time sunbathing next to us , then one day I asked him to apply oil to Kims back , black hands on white skin is very erotic Kim responded and was enjoying the massage I knew she was hot as she arched her back and slightly open her legs allowing Sam to oil her inside thigh he slapped her ass and got up displaying a huge bulge in his shorts and I mean huge he very quickly sat down and hid his erection not before Kim saw the size , the night she mentioned Sam's predicament so I asked if she would like to see moor of Sam's cock as he was very interested in her , she scalded m

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Raine sage
Amazing hentai i came at the same time as the two of you did
Ikuno akasaka
One of the best hentais ever made no doubt about it