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#386463 - So I snap my head and I see her smiling at me, she’s slightly behind me but I can see her in the monitor and am watching her every move. He looks into my eyes, he says still nothing, he pushes his cock back into my mouth where I start sucking him again and when he gets hard once again he pulls it out, crawls over me and lying on his back says come atop me and take me as you can and with that I straddle him, he’s aiming his huge meat up in the air and as it hits my lips I shiver and then sliding back and forth letting him share my juices I start down on him and soon I’ve nearly gotten all of him inside me and he’s smiling at me as I sit there adjusting to his huge shaft inside my little frame. She’s slowly letting her hand slide down her stomach and then she stops as she hits the waist band of hr little bikini panties, she lets it stay right there as she pinches her nipple and making her groan she slide her hand under the waist band finding her moistening slit.

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