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#137551 - Maria came in the room, their faces were a picture, their mouths fell open, they didn’t know what to say at first, and then said ‘WOW’ Maria smiled and asked them if she looked ok. She said could I guess who had just phoned her, I guessed Tomas and then Nikoli, neither was right, she told me that Vasko had phoned, I asked if it was Vasko married to Marika, she said it wasn’t, it was Vasko that we had met at the club, I said I couldn’t remember him, Maria reminded me that he was one of the guys that I told her were interested in her at the club and she had danced with them, and told him that if they could find out her phone number she would go out with them. When we got to the club it wasn’t very busy, those that were there were mainly guys, Maria said she preferred it that way, there was less competition.

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