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#139229 - You WILL allow me to fuck you, right now, in WHATEVER way I choose, for as long as I choose…and…I will cum wherever I desire…” My hand moves to her face, the back of my hand gently rubbing her cheek, “…on your face…” my fingers move to her lips, “…in your mouth…” my fingertips move to her chest, running to her breasts, following down, touching her body with every word, “…on your breasts, stomach, back, ass…or…” finally, my hand reaches her pussy, with three fingers running between her lips, before slipping just inside her, “…by filling your pussy…” A smile crosses her face as she kegels against my fingers inside her, “…or…are we done here?” “Wow…I see how Kelly is so taken by you. WOW! I don’t know if I could have handled Sir withholding my Big-O yesterday. Do you see the level of trust you already gave me…I told you I moved everything from your path, but I simply cleared a narrow path…I told you there was plenty of room…trust is a relative thing…I had every confidence this space wa

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Koishi herikawa
Wife material
Masaaki nakanogane
My hentais should be open in all countries if the rest of my hentais work for you then some tags that are in this hentai may be prohibited in your country
Tobio kageyama
I want to shove my cock so deep in her asshole