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#346889 - She stopped in her tracks, almost as if electrocuted, at the sight of the young lit teacher on her knees with a gigantic erection in her mouth! Uh oh, thought Tommy, I'm in for it now!!! Miss Parsons, just what do you think you're doing, intoned Miss Williams!?! I'm sucking Tommy off, ma'am, replied Miss Parsons, pulling her mouth away from Tommy's meat just long enough to answer the old math teacher, while a Tommy couldn't believe it when instead of jumping to her feet, Miss Parsons calmly returned her warm mouth his pecker and resumed sucking it!!! Well, retorted Miss Williams, at least you should have the brains to lock the door! I know, but once I saw this magnificent erection, I just kinda lost my head and went down on it, replied Miss Parsons, see how beautiful it is, look at the head, smooth and soft, just like velvet!?! You're Tommy Parker, aren't you, asked Miss Williams, while staring at his fully erect organ? Yes

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