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#384546 - I saw the look of pure glee grow on her face as she scanned the room in front of her. As we walked up the stairs to the large open hallway that was open to the pool area Amy asked how many bedrooms there were I smiled and replied don't worry there are 5 bed rooms more than en of for your friends to come up for holidays Amy smiled again and said thanks you are the best dad in the world Just then my cell started to go of so I headed back down stairs to get it as I had left it in the kitchen my eyes light up as I saw the name on the display Claire the single mother of two 16yearold twin girls that lived just up the mountain from us. There was a soft female hand around my cock my eyes shot open as I remembered there was only me and Amy in the house I looked down and there was my beautiful 15yearold daughter sitting naked beside me with her little hand tightly wrapped round my throbbing 9 inch cock stroking up and down I jumped up off the bed.

Read Vadia 【周二连载】阿姨的家教课(作者:XIX&漢水) 第1~15话 Sextoys 【周二连载】阿姨的家教课(作者:XIX&漢水) 第1~15话

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