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#259200 - Getting off the plane you could feel the hard cock you had throb and you had to try and calm down so no-one else saw the bulge as you thought about me, pulling your luggage off the conveyor belt you made your way to get a taxi and meet up with me for the first time. You went on watching and describing what you would do, how your fingers would slide into my pussy and back out, your thumb rubbing my clit as you fingered my pussy, your lips still sucking before you moved up and kissed my lips, my tongue moving into your mouth as we kissed hard. You were rubbing your cock as you watched me play with my breasts, your cock was throbbing as your hand ran its length, in your mind it was my pussy not your hand and it was your mouth on my breasts not my hands.

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Ichiro ogami
Her ass is perfect
Koume shirasaka
Lofi beats are the best