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#393725 - I call this new female processor the Spartan Spitter he said while you and the audience looked on interested, I promise you that the Spartan Spitter will one day replace the old Jessica 3000 machine in the female processing business, many of the meat processing plant's are already switching to this fabulous new processor he said as the audience clapped. Its that simple Ron said as he walked over and gave Anna a hard slap on the ass, All you have to pay for this wonderful new machine is 4 east payments of only $500. You will also get my famous cook book called, In the kitchen with Ron he added as he picked up the 300 page book and placed it on the counter But wait there’s more! he said, I know that when you get this machine home your going to want to use it right away but if you are not familiar with the female spitting process you will most likely ruin your meat-girl, I don’t want you to go home and try it on your wife, daughter, girlfriend or any special girl,

Read Classroom 極情性活表裏 第五話「凌辱と不倫の表側」((コミックマグナム Vol.149) Free Amatuer 極情性活表裏 第五話「凌辱と不倫の表側」((コミックマグナム Vol.149)

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Shizuki minagami
Love watching her fill her ass
God i wish my wife would still do stuff like this with me but also the fact you kinda look like a girl i knew from college we were legit only ever friends that i have had a sex dream about just drives me wild
Yami bakura
Thanks babe
I did not expect it to be that thick
Jude mathis
Sorry i missed u a month ago u forgot to say an eat my pussy real good lol
So fucking hot love it