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#147968 - The inexperienced youngster was curious to see him cum but she was also enjoying the control that she had over him and she was reluctant for it to end. ” “I know but…” “You want more than that; you want me to get it out and hold it, don’t you?” He nodded, “yes-yes hold it, surely you want to see, don’t you?” “I suppose so,” she admitted reluctantly, “but only to look, not to hold it. ” “You don’t have to, but don’t you want to see what it looks like, how big you’ve made it grow?” “I don’t know,” she said nervously, “why can’t I just do it like before, you liked that didn’t you?” “Yes… yes, it felt great but I want… I want…” his voice trailed off as her finger returned to graze a lazy path along the length of his erection.

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Ken masters
She sexy but why would a girl go with such an ugly ass guy
That smile makes me surrender i would gladly let you do anything to me