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#9213 - (The Next Day its a Saturday) I call Hannah and i am apologizing baby i am sorry i did not know you would take offence cant we just forget it happened and she said no your gonna have to keep apologizing untill i think you have learned ur lesson and i said baby cant you just come over and we can talk it out and she said maybe what do i get out of it and i said my apologies and she said well i guess and it took a few hours then she knocked on the door and i answered and i say hey and go in for a kiss but she stopped me and she said not untill we work this out and i said awwww ok so we go up stairs and my parents are not home so its baically alone time. We started talking and it goes on and on rather not tell you all of it its mostely apologies and her yelling at me thats basically it, and finally she starts acting tough saying shes stronger then me i and got the usual whatever from her and she jumps on me but shes tickilish in the sides and right above and right

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