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#75728 - When in school she had played sports and for her age is still in great shape. Then lovingly has brushed her hair off to one side and starts to kiss her softly on her neck, and has reached around under her arm and squeezes one of her big breasts and its perked up nipple! She barely stirs, and then only with a slight pleasurable gasp as his hand has now moved down and slipped inside her panties and found its way into her folds! She still half asleep thinking it is her husband has easily relaxed and lets him finger her ever more ardently! Oh my goodness she thinks he has never done anything quite like this before? As Sam's experienced fingers are now stimulating her wanting flesh that is surrounded by thick and now very wet pubic hair! This is an area that has had little attention for the last several weeks and is easily responding with sexual lust and an even more wanting desire! These fingers have almost brought her to orgasm, as they slowly move away to the waist band of he

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Nagisa aoi
Love it
His dick looks like a tenor saxophone neck