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#366593 - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Over The Next 5 years I Learned How to control my power, I was relieved to learn that i could turn it on and off, although in Dave’s case I’m glad I didn’t, and that It worked on girls as well, Over the past 5 years I had more sex than I would have ever believed, in way’s I Never could have comprehended, my sex drive Went into overdrive and I became addicted to it . Anyways I had settled in really well and had managed to hide my power from everyone but Ryan, of course he didn’t know it was me, he confronted me in the evening after the theatre lecture, and told me he was sorry he came so soon, and so much, he said it had never happened before, and to please not tell anybody, I agreed, not wanting him to suspect it was me and we got along okay since then, i didn’t like his snobby personality though, he often pissed me off, so get my own back i would make him cum at the worst times, we were a

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