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#10953 - Taking Gavin’s cock from her mouth Cathy told us it was time to move to the bedroom and taking hold of my cock as well as Gavin’s she walked us to the bedroom and told us to remove what clothing we still had on, Gavin wanted my wife to keep her black panties on so the only clothing being worn in that bedroom was my wife’s stockings and knickers, Cathy took my cock into her mouth this time and as she bent over to suck me Gavin got behind her and pulling her panties to one side he pushed his 8” cock deep into her juicy pussy and started to fuck her with long deep strokes making Cathy have her first orgasm of the night with in minutes. I Pulled out of her ass and sat back to watch my cum drip from her anus and run down onto his balls as he fucked up into her well used pussy, this sight alone was enough to keep my cock hard and soon i was getting it sucked as Gavin got her from behind and she was bent over the bed, Cathy was loving it and we soon lost count of the number of times she woul

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