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#92197 - she stared to bob her head back and forth first slow then faster and harder and deeper i was in heaven i could feal the cum building up inside and my cock started to throb harder i told her i was about to cum and she just went faster and harder so i just let it flow 2 minutes later i had cummed in her mouth string after string after string and she swallowed every bit of it she then got up and kissed me very deeply our tounges were exploring each others mouth and were twisting togetheri then. i was in the seventh grade at the time and i am in chorus no that may sound gay but let me tell you this a guy in a room with a bunch of girls who i might add are pretty hot and also having a hot chorus teacher to add to the almost perfect life. so class stared and i was allready in troulbe a hot girl who has dressed really really sexy and i have wood that you could see because i was wearing shorts and my teacher wouldnt let me be exqused so we start our warmups and we have to stand up for it (oh

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Chousokabe motochika
The ending was of course corny but fuckin funny at the same time
Rain mikamura
Who is he
Charlotte colde
Extremely hot and exciting leather bondage scene