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#189075 - After that we where just chatting about all sorts of things and i made my first move i said Bloody hell it's a big room i can hardly hear you talking, she replied well come and sit over here so i gathered my things and went and sat next to her, she said smell my new perfume, it's Dolce and Gabbana, she lifted her neck up and i took a whiff, she smelled gorgeous and it turned me on, i started asking her loads of things just normal things and we got on really well together that night, it was a small seating space so i could feel her arms rubbing off mine as we tried to get comfortable. As i was staring at her deeply her eyes awoken and just looked blankly at me, i quickly turned to the TV pretending i wasn't looking and i heard a soft voice say Harry, i looked at her and replied whats up?, do you like me she said, well yes i replied, then kiss me she spoke quickly sounding quite frightened of what my reaction would be, i didn't speak i just did as she s

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