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#80266 - old cheer leader who had blonde hair always in pigtails, double -D tits and an ass that matched Jessica alba’s, and I’ve heard people say that she is quite the slut. “Well I’ll be seeing you next weekend Father” “Yes goodbye Chris, have a nice week “ Claudia was only too happy to help me carry the boxes over to my car, as we walked I asked her about school and boys and other things, she didn’t have any boyfriends and she liked school and said she didn’t like any of the boys in her school because they were too immature and that she wanted an older man who knew what he was doing, upon hearing this I turned red and looked away, we got to my car and put the boxes in as she put hers in she slowly bent over to put it in the car, as she bent over I caught sight of the smallest white thong I had ever seen I gulped and pretended not to look as she wiggled her ass trying to get the box in , since she lived close by to my house I offered her a lift home, which she accepted happily , as I

Read Girlfriends P (Guttari) - Tibet Monster Special (Tibet Inu Monogatari) Cumload P- Tibet Monster Special

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Haruka takagi
So hott
Yui funami
See old gramps sneaking a peek heh heeeh